See below for answers to your most frequently asked questions around the CalFresh Healthy Living brand.

For questions not currently addressed around your branded materials, please email CFHLsupport@dss.ca.gov.
For any other program related questions, please reach out to calfreshhealthyliving@dss.ca.gov.

CalFresh Healthy Living describes our goal for the audiences we serve: healthy living through better nutrition and increased physical activity. The text for CalFresh is bolder, while keeping it friendly. “Fresh” purposely stands out more than “Cal” since that is the word that was most appealing to our audience. And the “Cal” remains as a way to distinguish our state’s service and overall California pride. The vine and “fruits” in the middle of the logo represent California-grown fruits and vegetables.
By more clearly connecting our nutrition education programs, CalFresh food assistance, employment and training opportunities and support in times of disaster, we hope to engage more eligible Californians in these important services. CalFresh Healthy Living describes our goal for the audiences we serve: healthy living through better nutrition and increased physical activity.
No, nothing about your programs or services are changing. We are updating the brand and logo for the programs, but nothing regarding eligibility or program availability is changing.
We strongly encourage you to change to the new materials as it supports a cohesive look and feel for the brand, making it easier for consumers to adapt and understand. For newly developed resources, please use the new branding.
We do not expect the new branding to be implemented overnight, and fully understand that this will be a process that could take up to a year to fully integrate through all materials. Counties and agencies will adopt materials at different rates. While we encourage you to update any new materials as soon as you can, we also understand that you might have materials that need to be used through in order to avoid a waste of resources. This will be a gradual adoption as we transition out old materials and transition in new materials. The ask is that any new materials ordered will feature new branding to ensure the cohesive messaging across services is communicated.
Yes, these are available to county health departments, social services agencies, and other partners that deliver SNAP-funded programs and services. They are not for our audience. We will provide design mockups for both regular t-shirts and polo shirts so that you can order based on preference. Aprons and tablecloths are also available for CalFresh Healthy Living to help with nutrition education demonstrations. They are all available for counties to order through calfreshhealthyliving.org. The shirts can be used at any event of your choosing and each SIA/LIA should work through their agency’s procurement process to identify a shirt vendor.
Items such as shirts, aprons, and table cloths should be ordered from each county’s preferred local vendor. Since prices may vary across vendors and counties, there is no master price list on CalFreshHealthyLiving.org. We encourage counties to reference previous prices they have worked with in the past with their preferred vendors.
Healthy Living is the brand identity for all SNAP-funded nutrition education programs in California, including CDPH. Therefore, it will replace Champions for Change starting in April of 2019. New brand guidelines for CalFresh Healthy Living are available, along with all the other new brand materials with the brand launch in April on CalFreshHealthyLiving.org.
Yes! Our Champions program will continue and our volunteers will continue to be called Champions.
The Champions for Change website will also get a “refresh” and will reflect the new brand name, CalFresh Healthy Living, as well as the new colors and imagery. This is the new CalFreshHealthyLiving.org.
The Champions for Change URL will remain the same (and accessible) for the time being. The priority is to ensure the CalFreshHealthyLiving.org website is up and running for the statewide launch as well as ensuring the current Champions for Change pages are updated to reflect the new CalFresh Healthy Living branding and creative is now complete. You can access the updated pages here: Champions for Change
As the sub brand names are part of the logo, and were tested in English (among both English and Spanish speaking Californians) we do not have a Spanish version. Translations are typically used for taglines and other material but we won't have multiple versions of the logo.
Yes, please follow the style guidelines that we will provide you to ensure that your partner’s logo is displayed correctly with CalFresh Healthy Living. The CalFresh Healthy Living logo can be found in your materials toolkit, on CalFreshHealthyLiving.org.
Please use the co-branded templates that are provided, and add your partner logos. We understand that many programs have multiple stakeholders and have built this feature to accommodate that. We acknowledge that often times LIAs might not be the primary partner on an effort, so it would not be applicable to require CalFresh Healthy Living to determine how partner logos should be placed.
The first round of updates will be live the week of 6/17. This will allow counties sufficient time to digest the new materials and formulate questions throughout.
When including funding statements on materials, please use the following language in addition to any other required language, “This material was funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-SNAP. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Visit CalFreshHealthyLiving.org for healthy tips.”
CalFresh Healthy Living (SNAP-Ed) eligible participants.
You have the option to work with your local partners who manage this signage and provide the new brand logo if so desired.
Informal abbreviations, such as UC CalFresh, are acceptable in internal conversational settings, but the official branding, including email signature format, should read as follows below:
  • CalFresh (brand name goes here), SIA Name
  • CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California
  • CalFresh Healthy Living, California Department of Public Health
  • CalFresh Healthy Living, California Department of Aging
  • CalFresh Healthy Living, Catholic Charities of California

Last Update: 10/18/2019