This Administration page features links to important documents and resources created and used by administrators and state and local implementers. You will find access to the State Plan, implementers budgets, work plans, curriculum resources, county profiles and the annual report.

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State Plan

Annually, the California Department of Social Services collaborates with various agency partners to develop a plan outlining SNAP-Ed programming within the state. The plan demonstrates the importance of SNAP-Ed and the promotion of nutrition education and physical activity to improve the health and well-being of Californians with low incomes.
For further information on the State Plan, please email

CalFresh Healthy Living Budgets

Detailed budgets for each agency and county/jurisdiction outlined in the State Plan are submitted annually, showing changes and details for current and upcoming fiscal years. To obtain copies of these documents, please email

CalFresh Healthy Living Integrated Work Plans and Curriculum List

The Curriculum List includes specific activity and sub-strategy descriptions as outlined in the State Plan. This plan, in combination with the Site List and Budget, provide details of the work to be performed and results of SNAP-Ed. For detailed county Integrated Work Plans, email

CalFresh Healthy Living County Profile

This section includes the County Profiles for SNAP-Ed eligible demographics and locations outlined in the State Plan.