SNAC Community Gardens Initiative

In 2022, SNAC launched an inititive to target policy changes that support gardening at the local level. Recognizing the many health benefits of community gardens, the council developed a toolkit for local policymakers to develop and sustain gardens in their communities.

Grandfather and grandson watering plants in a garden together.


Local policymakers and decision-makers are encouraged to download these tools to better understand the benefits that community gardens offer and get started developing community gardens. In addition to these resources listed below, tailored support is available by emailing

Fact Sheet

A quick overview of the value of gardens, listing gardens’ health benefits for the individual, environment, and community. Outlines initial steps for building policy in support of gardens and tapping into SNAC resources.

Last Updated 3/15/2023

Young parents with son smiling and watering plants in a garden

Photo of a field of lettuce

Issue Brief

An expanded look how local policymakers can bolster the health of their community by supporting community gardens. Provides evidence of the value of community gardens, examines associated policy challenges and offers success stories and action items.

Last Updated 3/15/2023

Planning Guide

A step-by-step guide for developing and maintaining a community garden with a consistent focus on policy. Activates policymakers and connects them with SNAC resources and tailored assistance.

Last Updated 3/15/2023

Growing green onions scallions, basil and avocado from scraps by propagating in water in a jar on a window sill

Photo of a field of lettuce

Dissemination Tools

Access materials designed to help you spread the word about community gardens. With a newsletter insert, social media posts, and a press release, our resources provide you with tools to effectively engage policymakers and stakeholders and drive policy change.

Last Updated 4/18/2023