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Our Vision:

A California where everyone is healthy, active, and nourished.

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About Us

Creating a Healthier California CalFresh Healthy Living is the largest nutrition education program in the United States. More than one-third of California residents are eligible for CalFresh Healthy Living, California’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed), which strives to improve the health of eligible Californians through education and healthy community changes. CalFresh Healthy Living offers critical resources for Californians to lead healthier lives and provides opportunities to enjoy more fresh produce.

Expansion of Physical Activity and Nutrition Education Efforts

Direct education instructors provide budget-conscious strategies for healthful eating and staying physically active.
13,713 direct education interventions across 3,485 sites
432,863 direct education participants reached

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Evidence-Based Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) Changes

PSE interventions transform communities by increasing access to healthy choices like fruits and vegetables, water, and safe places to be active.
57 of 58 counties experienced PSE interventions
1,703 PSEs implemented or maintained

California’s State Nutrition Action Council (SNAC)

SNAC is a state- level collaborative with active representation from all state agencies and nonprofits that implement USDA Food and Nutrition programs. The SNAC works collectively to improve the health of Californians, especially low-income participants.

Each year, SNAC members select a new or existing initiative of focus. In 2022, SNAC launched a Community Gardens Initiative to promote local neighborhood gardens across California. Prior initiatives include the Farmers Market Initiative, which focused on increasing shoppers’ knowledge and use of food and nutrition program benefits at local farmers markets. During the COVID-19 pandemic, SNAC promoted pandemic nutrition benefits and guided individuals to programs and opportunities in their communities.

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Our Partners

Together with our four State Implementing Agencies (SIAs): CalFresh Healthy Living – University of California, California Department of Public Health, California Department of Aging and Catholic Charities of California, we provide evidence based, nutrition education programming to low-income Californians through a network of educators, volunteers, non-profit organizations and our local implementing agencies.

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CalFresh United

CalFresh Healthy Living is part of the CalFresh Family. All CalFresh programs and services address the needs of the whole person, and how we show it matters. CalFresh is a family of services united under one brand identity working towards the same vision to improve the health and lives of people in our communities. When someone sees us at the store, at their child’s school, at the food pantry, when signing up for benefits, signing up for employment or training, watching TV or visiting our website, we make it clear that we are CalFresh, supporting all of California through multiple touchpoints across daily lives that are connected, cohesive and valuable.